Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Outdoor Work Progresses

I thought I was sore and tired yesterday. Today I'm swollen, sore and tired and had to take Ibuprofen to get back outside after lunch. No one told me middle age hurt this much. Even one of the cats is limping today. They were pretty wild in the trees yesterday and again today, jumping from tree to tree and onto the ground from on high. Kenz went upstairs one foot at a time. I still haven't had a hot bath but opted for showering for the shorter time it required. Tonight for sure!

I got a lot done in these two days but not everything. I haven't even touched one garden. A property this size and established has a lot of upkeep and it's too much alone. My son is not into garden and yard chores so I get no help at all. There is way too much for one person. I love my house and property but would like to find something a lot easier to maintain.

It was a beautiful day to be outdoors and I enjoyed that aspect of today. We are expecting a couple of days of rain and drizzle so taking advantage of perfect weather is golden. The rain can do it's job on the gardens now that I've done mine.

A good friend of mine turns fifty today. The music is for her. My friend's name is Heather so Blooming Heather by Kate Rusby is especially for her and Enjoy Yourself by Todd Snider is good advice for your birthday no matter the age.


Ralph said...

I hear you about garden upkeep. My sister has the same problem. Although she doesn't have the orchards that you do, she's on 5 acres of land, about 3 of which require attention. She's single and low-income too (long story), and is in her 70s. Her kids tell her she should sell the place but she can't bring herself to do that. She keeps going. (This merely skims the surface of her story--I'll have to get her permission and write the whole thing....)

Cuidado said...

It does sound like me. With my demanding job it is almost impossible to keep it all going. I do want to downsize but have not found the right place.