Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A Rainy Day

Just realized this photo was snapped three years ago today.

I don't know if this is universal but it is something I've talked to women about from time to time. You wake up with no energy but you will not give yourself permission to take the day off. Even if you have nothing pressing you make an effort at your jobs because you feel guilty for slacking off. You have to get something accomplished, not lie around all day. That's the kind of day I'm having today. I feel exhausted but carried on with chores even though I should have taken a 10 AM nap instead. Even though it is not often I wake up with no energy, I still can't let go of that sense of responsibility for accomplishment in my day.

We've had lovely gentle rain all day. spring is advancing my the minute. The grass is growing and at the next moment of sunshine is going to burst into the stage where it has to be mowed. Oh, joy! For those who know me, I don't tend to swear but mowing adds %&#$'s to my Oh, joy! I will ask my son to take care of it and hope he responds well. Heck he goes to a place called a golf course and worships the grass there.

Wonderful daffodils are filling my house. They bring such pleasure and beauty, I can hardly stand it. I haven't delivered as many bouquets as I usually do each spring. I always give my friend who had the fiftieth birthday a big bouquet and intended to give her fifty yesterday but she had other plans and we didn't make arrangements. I love spreading cheer with them.

You could say daffodils are Sunshine on a Rainy Day. Singer Zoe thinks so too. I have quite a collection of rain songs. Here is one by Dr. John, Come Rain or Come Shine.


Kat said...

We had rain all morning but the sun finally came out in the afternoon. I filled bird feeders and cleared the deck of debris.

In the front yard I noticed lilacs have started to appear on my tree and many of the perennials are up and one is flowering. Spring is really here.

I have one wish: let it get to 60 one day this week!

Ralph said...

I just hope we're not sending the endless rain we've been getting your way and that whatever you're getting ends soon! We may have a little sun this afternoon before more storms settle in--last night we had loud thunder! Looks like a drying trend will finally begin on Sunday.

Cuidado said...

Kat, All your rain has done it's work with all your perennials up. This is the first rain I've seen since I got home. I like rain a lot.

Cuidado said...

Ralph, I'm glad we're getting a bit of rain. Gentle spring rain is one of my favorite things. We need it to have the plants grow.

Ralph said...

Yup on the rain making the plants grow. I just hope they don't drown!

Cuidado said...

Ha! We've not had any heavy rain at all. There is no drowning imminent.