Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Any Questions?

I got a card and photos from my grandchildren today. It brought back memories of my visit at Easter thus the photo today of the walk in the woods I took with the grandkids and my son. I had asked my son to take some photos suitable for framing of me and the kids to put in empty frames I had brought to the kids. He got excellent shots. I think he's a born photographer now that I've seen those and the ones he took of my grandson and me that are gracing the masthead of this blog. This is his photo as I'm the subject (along with my grandson).

I took my friend who is in his nineties for a ride today. I had banking to do an a couple of other short stops and insisted he come along though I had some urging to do. It's good for him. I gave him his belated birthday gift, a pint of whiskey, and he was very pleased about that. He gets in a rut and doesn't want to move. Much like the person I had visiting yesterday. I'm trying to do my part in getting people moving.

I had my lawn professionally mowed today. Too long a story. I traded my wonderful roto tiller a few years ago for a summer's professional mowing. It is a wonderful thing to not have to deal with but pricey. My son is paying for it this time as he has been in Chicago since Friday and didn't take care of the lawn so agreed to pay to have it done. It looks great!

Ha, I just did a search on my blog for the song, As Long As I'm Movin'. I had it here not long ago by Ruth Brown but have it by someone else but can't remember who. Anyway, My friend's 92nd birthday that was two years ago came up. It deserves a link just for the picture of him.

"Where Have You Been?" was the first question asked me today when I showed up at his nursing home. Andrea Marcovecci answered.

"Are You Lonely?", I asked. Denison Witmer answered.


Ralph said...

Great post!

Cuidado said...

Thanks, Ralph.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you got a letter. Cool!

Who mowed your lawn? A professional lawn mower? That's my dream job!


Cuidado said...

Loved the card in K's own handwriting. I love the pictures! They turned out very well. Yes, I'll give you a job! Val Murray did the mowing.