Monday, May 04, 2009

Springing Golightly on Mother Earth

You have a tired woman at the moment. I have been gardening all day and yesterday walked for about three hours. My body needs immediate rest (and a hot bath) but there is still much to do before I rest. I'm still in the middle of some garden chores that have to be finished before dark, I have to make supper and am expecting company.

The day has been glorious and downright beautiful. I was driving deep in the country this morning getting beautiful shots and accomplishing much on the spring chore list. It is a beautiful season and a photographer's delight.

Mother Earth by Holly Golightly is perfect music for this gorgeous day that I spent working in the soil. Great song and even greater experience. She has yesterday rounded up too with Walk a Mile.


Kat said...

I want just one day like the one you described: glorious and beautiful!

Cuidado said...

We are having another day like that today , Kat and I'm spending the whole day outside.