Thursday, May 07, 2009

Just Breathe

What a day! I found out my car needs a whole lot of expensive work. I had to bum a drive home as my car is unsafe to drive. I have no way to get to work tomorrow.

In the two drives my car took while I was away, I received two serious car issues. I took it to the airport on Tuesday. My daughter drove it home from the airport on Thursday, the day she arrived from the west. My son delivered it to the airport for me the night before I was to come home three weeks later. He inadvertently opened the trunk hatch while he was getting gas and forgot to close it. There was a wind storm that night and the trunk slammed and slammed into the back window. The body shop guys showed me two spots on the window where the trunk had hit repeatedly and told me it was a miracle that it had not broken.

From the minute I picked up the car at the airport I knew there was something wrong underneath. My mechanic had just told me of an imminent problem before I went away so I thought it was that. No, a spring has been broken and two struts are leaking. It was another strut I'd had replaced just before I went away and these two weren't leaking then. I have to have all that replaced and the sway bar that he'd already mentioned. It is not safe to drive as the broken spring could blow out the tire if I hit a pothole.

My kids (or one of them) drive like maniacs it seems. Mr. Mechanic said it must have been a hard hit to break all three things. Life costs too darn much I say. It's hard to survive it with an old vehicle.

I had very good news just moments ago. One of my oldest friend had a double mastectomy today and she just called me to tell me she was alright. She said she was returning the favor because I has surprised her so much when I called her personally from my hospital bed after my kidney removal. She was expecting one of the kids and I really surprised her when I called myself. She's great and feeling lighter.

I have four songs or more I'd like to put up now in honour of my breastless and cancer-free friend. I normally do only two a day but will do all of them because I won't be here for a few days. Some extra music to see you through.

I think it will be very difficult to go to morning blogging as I had to do last year when I worked so will only blog here when I have time off or feel like it in the morning. I will still keep up the other blogs as best I can. This one takes the longest and most committment. I like to read blogs in the morning not write them so I'll still be here reading and listening.

Here's more music for Pam who is still frozen and on pain relief drugs for a time. I'm glad she's Breathin'.


Ralph said...

Oh wow what a body blow about the car! But won't your insurance cover the body work on the outside? That would help some. With old cars, it gets to the point of diminishing returns when you're spending as much on repairs as you would on a decent second-hand....

Hope you don't stay away too long!

nan said...

You have juxtaposed a binary we often get in life: every day annoyance and financial stress with a reminder of what is truly important in life. Invaluability of life, health, and friendship. My good wishes to your friend Pam.

Cuidado said...

I didn't need body work, Ralph. The body shop fixed the trunk for free. It just needed ten minutes of adjustment and the guy didn't charge me. It is a13 year old car so I expect repairs but had it all under a schedule. These three extras are what are throwing me.

Cuidado said...

You are so right, Nan! I just know my friend will be fine. She is strong in every way and they caught it early.