Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Flowers For the Soul

My first daffodils bloomed yesterday. I have several bunches that flower at different times even though they are the same type. They are just in different areas with different conditions to contend with. It's a great feature because if they all bloomed at once we'd be overwhelmed.

I thought about going over to see new little Rachel this weekend but all my bills came in the mail and put a stop to that plan pretty quickly.

My son is home from university for a few days and is going back today. When I left for trivia last night I commented that it was easier to leave the bunch of boys now that they were out of the wrestling stage. The laugh was on me though, because my son turned his laptop to face me and showed me what they were watching.....wrestling. At least the house was intact when I returned.

My upload today is called These Flowers, by Martha Wainwright Also, I'm adding the Johnny Cash version of Battle of New Orleans. I absolutely love this cut as Johnny sounds like he is happy and full of fun singing it. I can just feel his happiness coming through.

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