Saturday, April 22, 2006

Only in Canada

I received this photo of a moose in a swimming pool and a few others a while back. It sure was a hot summer where ever he was. We finally have some sunshine here on PEI but I don't think I'd put out swimming pools yet. It is still windy so the temperature isn't supposed to get much above 8 while next door in New Brunswick it will be 16 or so.

I've uploaded Dance Me To the End of Love by it's cre8or, Leonard Cohen and by Madeleine Peyroux. I'd heard her version many times and kept searching till I found it. She reminded me of Billie Holiday with this song. Don't know much about her but she sings in French also. I have her version of En Vie En Rose, another one of my favorite songs of which I have several versions.

My niece Christine, who I link to on the right is being induced today for her new baby girl. It is also her birthday. What a great birthday gift!! She's carrying on a family tradition with family members having the same birthday. I have two kids born on the same day two years apart. one was four days early; one was two days late. I'll have to think up some cool songs for Christine and the wee one. Oh, I sure can think fast.

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Ocean said...

I want a pet moose!