Thursday, April 20, 2006

I Need My Music Back

I've added a couple more Besame Mucho versions to my music. I still have more to come. Also, a couple of Tom Waits songs.

I have only my computer to listen to music on at the moment. The stereo is in the repair shop for an estimate. I sure hope it can be fixed because it has great sound and it's hard to find stereos these days. I had a look at Future shop a while back and they had tons of IPod/MP3 player speaker systems but only three stereos. Our only independent stereo store in Charlottetown that I dealt with for years, Hirtles, closed its doors about a year ago. Couldn't compete with Future Shop?

Anyway, I am really missing my stereo because my computer won't allow me to hear music throughout the house like I need.

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