Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Wasaga Beaching

There was a bit of ice on the Wasaga side of Georgian Bay when I arrived there but the hot sunsets pretty well broke it up and melted it in the 5 days I was there. I found it quite amazing the difference in the advancement of spring in Wasaga Beach, Barrie, Toronto and Waterloo. The grass is almost ready to be mowed in Waterloo whereas there's still snow along fields on the drive between Barrie and Wasaga Beach. That area certainly doesn't have any green grass to speak of; less than here in PEI.

Wasaga Beach was a lot of fun for me. I have an aunt and uncle who never had any children and I'm their surrogate kid. We always have a blast together. My uncle is a music lover; jazz and classical standards, showtunes and crooners, jive and swing, lots that I can provide him with. I brought him 8 cds, a good assortment of mixes and copies of cds that I have in my library I thought he's like. This aunt and uncle's mission in life since their retirement 13 years ago is to feed stray cats, raccoons and squirrels. They spend about $90.00 a week (I'd say more, they're being very modest and conservative) on food, often get cats spayed or neutered, find homes for some of the strays through their very understanding vet, and are in short their own private humane society.

They hosted a dinner party for all of the Ontario relatives on the Saturday I was there and that was really fun, getting together with aunts and uncles, cousins and their young children. The last time they were all together was when I visited three and a half years ago when my Barrie aunt hosted everyone. Seems like I should go more often so that they can get together more often.

Back at home........we won at trivia last night. We had a very funny team. My daughter and nephews had gone to an early movie and stopped in for a beer and joined us for round one. A regular player who knew she was going to be late arrived with two friends and joined the team for round two. Another regular arrived in the middle of round two and another regular arrived quite near the end. The constant movement of players didn't hurt our score apparently and was really fun too.

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I didn't know we won!!!