Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Good to Be Home

I had a really wonderful time away and definitely needed a break but there is no feeling like coming home.

The best things about being home in their order of occurence , not preference:
  • My daughter and her friend picking me up at the airport after a delayed flight and taking me to supper.
  • Getting to drive my car home.
  • The Kitties were sooooo happy to see me.
  • The house a perfect temperature.
  • A long drink of well water with no chlorine or bottle.
  • My own bed and pillows.
  • My computer and the 39 blogs I read and tons of e-mail.
  • My favorite brand of cereal and 1% milk.
  • Two best friends calling to welcome me home.
  • A shower without chlorine.
  • A relaxing day ( I didn't make any work calls. Tomorrow is soon enough).
  • My own cooking.
  • Trivia tonight.
It all depends on the little things, you know. I may never go away again.

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