Friday, April 21, 2006

Jesse James

I've uploaded Jesse James from Bruce Springsteen's new album and The Ballad of Jesse James from my favorite Friday album, The Skiffle Sessions.

Years ago, I had a Sunday ritual where a read a week's worth of entries on a Van Morrison news group. There was always a lot of discussion and reviewing amongst the members whenever a new album came out. When The Skiffle Sessions was released there was an overwhelming panning of the album....everyone agreed that it was terrible. A couple of months later I was at a friend's annual outdoor seafood party and heard these great old songs with Van singing them. I was blown away. I had to go searching for the host (it's a big party) to find out what that album was and found out that it was the much-hated Skiffle Sessions. From that day on, I never read another word from that news group.


Ocean said...

I like your new link! It does look good!

Cuidado said...

Thanks, because it is all about the music.