Thursday, April 13, 2006

It's Grandma Here

Wasaga Beach, Barrie, and the visit to the relatives was great but now I'm in Waterloo with my grandchildren. I can't believe how cute they are. The Little Fellow won't let me give him a hug yet but I'll wait patiently. Sweetie Girl just turned 6 months and is so pretty, sweet and happy. Just a joy!

I miss my cats. I miss my daughter but I get to talk to her on the phone. I return to real life on Monday and find out when I return to work. Not too soon I hope.


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Ocean said...

Mommy, I miss ya too! The kids are sooo cute!! I can't believe that he won't let you hug him! Give him a hug for Auntie Ocean too.
Love ya

Anonymous said...

Say hi to dukie and sasha for me.
having a good time here in BC getting some nice pictures I'll send you some when I get home..

Brikwall said...

Oh my, you've been spammed. Go away for a few days and look what happens!

Anonymous said...

Tried to prevent spamming too, by requiring copying of the scrambled letters. I would say they use a real person in this spamming incident.