Sunday, April 23, 2006

Today Will Be 13 Degrees, 19 in New Brunswick

A cleaned up garden and lovely kitties....what more could you ask for.

No word yet on the little great-niece; I guess she just wasn't ready to be born. I just spoke with my sister and ther's no labour at all yet so the doctor will probably break her water and move to the heavier labour initiators. I've seen that route in a friend's birth that I attended eighteen years ago. Not a nice labour....too fast and intense with not a lot of rest time between contractions like a normal labour.

In my quest for songs, I find lots of performers I've never heard of before. I sometimes grab a few of these and delete them if I don't like them. Sometimes I find gems. The previously mentioned Sophie Milman is a prime example. I've uploaded a couple of good finds today and some of the previous ones in the category, never heard of before, are those cover versions of Tracy Chapman's songs by Damien Rice and Bettye Lavette.

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