Monday, April 03, 2006

Sophie Milman

Just like finding out that Renee Olstead was only 15 when she released her album, I am also surprised that Sophie Milman is only 22. She handed out an award on last night's Junos and until then I had no idea she had connections to Canada. She immigrated here at 15 from Russia via Isreal. I love her singing and have uploaded another one of hers today. I put up Lonely in New York last week. If you go to her site you can listen to a couple more.

The weather has changed dramatically over the weekend. Saturday was 17 degrees, today is 1.
I am going to Ontario on Friday and my aunt in Wasaga Beach (my first stop) said the weather has been beautiful. Can't wait, folks. I want to see the grandchildren sooooo badly, my arms are twitching.

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