Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Big Test

An early post today as I have an appointment with my urologist this afternoon. He thinks he is giving me the results of my pathology report today, not knowing I received the fabulous news it contains from my family doctor already.

I'm going to try to drive the old Toyota around the neighbourhood tomorrow. If results are good I will soon venture further. I can get my arm up ninety degrees - to where I can point straight ahead, so that should be enough to drive. I'll see tomorrow. I haven't driven since Christmas Day and really, really miss my independence. I can't walk very far yet so really am housebound. I've been very patient and slowed down my activities. I'm able to paint again so have been doing that but a person with as much energy as I have has to let it out sometime.

I recently discovered a new musical artist from Wales named Duffy. The Wiki article on her gives more information than her website but her site has a music player where you can listen to her songs. Check out both. She has a song with a perfect title for today's post. Tomorrow is when I hope to be able to drive but Ron Sexsmith might have it right - All In Good Time. Here are a couple of versions of the classic Wishin' and Hopin' as well. One by Dusty Springfield; one by Ani Defranco.


Ralph said...

You mean they would have excpected for you to wait this long for such a verdict? Sheesh, you Canadians are patient!

I hope all your good behavior is well rewarded with an uneventful drive!

Cuidado said...

My tumour was a bit complicated and had to be sent to different path labs but my family physician let me know as soon as the results were back. Specialists are a different breed.