Sunday, April 13, 2008

Living In the North Country

I went for a two kilometer walk today and upon returning, when walking down the driveway, it started raining. Now that's good timing!! The above photo of my pond is from the 7th - a little over a week ago. It's hard to get a photo of the pond with a reflection as there is always movement in the water. This was taken very early in the morning, right after sunrise, when the ducks were still sleeping. There's less snow now and I'd say if it warms up, which it is forecast to do, it will be gone in a couple of days.

My son is golfing, believe it or not - on brown dead grass. The golf club he is at is not doing any favors to their grass by opening this early but it's probably the only one open at this time so is attracting all the golfers like my son who can't wait to get out there.

One of my favorite Dylan songs is Girl From The North Country. I came across a great version yesterday by, Mark Everett , of The Eels. I usually put up two new songs a day but today I'm putting up four. The versions I had up already are gone and need to be replaced and this girl from the north country thinks that it's such a great song that exceptions sometimes have to be made. Here's the original version by Bob Dylan and one by Dylan and Johnny Cash and a group effort from M.Ward, Conor Oberst and Jim James. I love them all.


Ralph said...

I feel like I'm re-joining the living now that I have a computer with a decent connection. Still in Delaware but Steve's work laptop, which I'm using how, is saet up for wi-fi. Until now I haven't been able to listen to your music. Thanks for all the Lila!

If it makes you feel any better, it's cold here, too--prediciting a freeze tonight. These snaps can't last too much longer. It's extremely inviting outside. bright and sunshiney, but it's too c0old and windy to do anything.

Congrats on the 2K walk!

Cuidado said...

You'll like today's music I hope. We are going to be having some nice weather. I'm going to walk more. Yeah! Did you find your lost drive?