Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Jumble

What a day! It's 16 degrees and I've been outside most of the day. With a big house and property spring is a very busy time. I have tons of trees and today I picked up any branches that had fallen over winter. They went to the campfire pile. I'll have get togethers this summer and a fire will top off the night. My kids and grandkids will be home this summer and I see a marshmallow toasting session like old times.

I planted the bulbs and echinacea that were dug out of my garden but had to extend them to another garden. I'm sure that is going to set back that end of the garden because most of the tulip leaves were broken. If the bulb has enough energy maybe it will send out a new set of leaves?

Music today is from Mary Gauthier from Louisiana. With our shared heritage we would have been related from 250 years ago. She is an absolutely fantastic songwriter of very personal songs after a traumatic childhood. The first link is her website and here's a Wiki article on her. These are a couple of her most popular songs, Mercy Now and I Drink. Here's A Different Kind of Gone that I uploaded in October.

I've heading back outside.

I have no idea why this big space is showing up. I've tried everything and can't get rid of it.

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