Monday, April 28, 2008

Praise for Spring

Spring is my favorite season, always has been. Spring meant release from the confining clothing of winter and with my love of outdoors that meant freedom. I've always been a gardener and before that, a hopscotch player. Any excuse to get out in the spring sunshine. Today I was one of those, to quote yesterday's post, 'a teenager or someone who has something to prove' kind of person today; a tank top let alone tee shirt. It was a nicer day today. Currently the temperature is 17 degrees and it's sunny.

The asparagus has popped so within a week I'll be enjoying it's succulent flavour. Asparagus, if you have a nice enough plot and I do, is reason enough to love spring. Mine is juicy, fat and very plentiful so I'll be eating and appreciating it for a month. Kenz and Bella were enthralled with the weather too and both, in their excitement, were digging in the garden. Oh, oh.... a new behavior. I stopped them and they seemed to understand as they watched while I smoothed the dug up areas. We're very happy spring is here. I enjoyed gardening today and they enjoyed watching me. Ha, maybe they were actually trying to help.

This song has been on my mind all day while I was outside, though sitting here, I'm playing Latin as it fits the outdoor, happy spring mood. The Mose Allison Trio says it all in I Love the Life I Live. Music kind of circles around for me it seems. I have strange combinations in folders that make sense only to me. For instance I have Mose Allison, Greg Brown and Bill Morrissey in one folder. It would take a while to explain but it works for me. It explains partly why we have Spring and All and Rumba Flemenca by Greg Brown. Works for me.


Kat said...

I know exactly why Greg and Bill are in the same folder, but I didn't know the Mose Allison Trio. After listening, I know I want more. Thanks!

Cuidado said...

Greg has a song called Mose Allison Played Here. The Six Degree of Separation rule here but it's only one Degree in this case.

Ralph said...

Lucky you and your asparagus! We tried it twice, both times by the book, with the trench, the spacing, the laying of the manure, etc. It never worked and we gave up after two backbreakoing attempts. One of the big disappointments of my gardening here.

Cuidado said...

Ralph, I had a row in the main vegetable garden but it was at the edge and eventually got choked by weeds. Weeds is it's biggest problem. My current patch in in a flower garden and has been for 20 years and is wonderful.