Monday, April 14, 2008

Sun Dirt Water

The photos on this blog are from a strange combination of real time or from my files. Sometimes you'd never know which, except I've explained. This one is from real time. It was at my feet when I got out of my car at a streetside parking spot today. It immediately reminded me of Ned Kelly, a popular Australian folk hero. I saw tributes to him everywhere when I was Down Under in '01. I thought it deserved a photo. I took two.

My Shutterchance blog hardly gets anything real time. I upload there a week at a time or thereabouts. I have two days ahead now and that's why I stopped at a few photo suitable sites today. I've hardly taken any photos this winter. It was great to get out and I'm going to get out more.

Goodness, just after saying that, I've heard on the radio that there is to be a drastic oil and gas price increase here on PEI. Outrageous! A huge increase too, 3.5 and 5.5 cents per liter respectively. I'm not sure how much of these high oil prices our economy can take. I'm thinking more of on a world level rather than just PEI. I'm frightened actually. I know my budget can't take it. Scary!

I think you know that The Waifs are on my list of five favorite bands. I couldn't mention Australia in a post without playing something from them. I linked to the YouTube video for this song a while back but never the song. It's from their newest album and I love it, Sun Dirt Water. I also love this one, cuts on two different albums, Billy Jones. There are two (and maybe more) very different versions of this song, this being the jazz version. I think you'll enjoy both songs today and if anyone wants to hear another version of Billy Jones let me know.

Ha, I went back to the top of the page and the photo fits quite well with Sun Dirt Water, hence the title.


Anonymous said...

What is it?

Cuidado said...

It was a thin piece of hammered aluminum with the tree holes cut in. I don't know why though.

Ralph said...

Nice jazzy sound. I've always said I wished I was Canadian, but Australian or Kiwi would do. It is warmer down there....anyway, you guysd are lucky. You have all the advantages of the English-speaking world and none of the responsibilities. I wouldn't at all mind being from a place where the horizons are on a human scale.

Cuidado said...

We have our problems too. We have trees rather than bushes though and that's an advantage.

Ralph said...

HA! Ah, yes, the flora and fauna problem. Well this particular bush is about to be uprooted! Something we can all look forward to.

Cuidado said...

Hopefully your new plant will thrive. I hope Canada replants with something other than a baby bush.