Friday, April 25, 2008

Fish on Friday

We got about three inches of snow last night but I took this photo about ten minutes ago. I said previously that there is snow at the edges of woods and this is exactly that. This would be a gorgeous view if the huge grey barn were not in the middle of it all. If I was a PhotosShop gal I would fix it right up.

I'm having a bit of a party while my son is away. I'm eating fish and seafood every day for the week that he's gone. He doesn't eat from this food group and can't stand the smell of it in the house so my diet has changed drastically this winter. When my daughter lived here there were two of us to over rule this. I normally ate fish or seafood four to five times a week. My boy had a laugh yesterday when I told him I was celebrating him going away. He gave me a funny look then laughed when I showed him the salmon I'd taken out of the freezer. I had my sister-in-law for dinner last night as she has the same problem in her house that her husband can't stand the smell of fish cooking. Can you guess that her husband might be my son's uncle?

Sometimes the music choice has nothing to do with the post. Today there is absolutely nothing in common, so far in fact that even I'm even wondering why the heck I want this and nothing else. Maybe I'm trying to call up the sun and warmer weather? Tropicalia is the song and I have versions by Beck and by Eliane Elias. Elian's version is replacing the missing files - an essential. Also, jazz month is coming to an end soon and that's a good enough reason in itself.


Nan said...

Hello Cuidado! Love the Beck version and will listen to Eliane's version next. Are you familiar with (the late) Kirsty MacColl's Tropical Brainstorm album? Oh My - it is GREAT! And Beck's Tropicalia reminds me of it completely. I am off to listen to the album now. Good weekend to you.

Cuidado said...

I know Kirsty MacColl but not that album. A good weekend to you as well.