Monday, April 21, 2008

Rocks and Stones

I overdid it again today. I walked for two and a quarter hours straight and am exhausted! I walked to the beach, walked the beach to the point and back, then back home. Whew! I did the preliminary spring fossil check but didn't find anything. I carried home only four rocks and a shell and anyone who knows me knows that that constitutes great restraint. I started a patio/art/beach project here years ago and told the kids not to worry as long as I stayed on this side of the driveway. I said that if I passed the driveway, they could call the crazyhouse. I am limited by what I am allowed to carry right now. I actually double checked with my physiotherapist when I was at my session this morning. I'm ok from the kidney surgery point of view - six weeks ago today - but am not to carry weight because of the shoulder. Some day I'll be all together again!

My 03 April post mentioned Duffy, the Welsh singer I had just discovered. I played her song Tomorrow, and now have for your listening pleasure, Stepping Stone and Rockferry. She kind of reminds me of Dusty Springfield which is not a bad thing in my books - definitely a sixties sound.


Ralph said...

Very intresting! I'll be looking more at this one. I love the piano in the arrangement. "Stepping Stone" sounds like one of the old Dionne Warwick/Bacharach/David numbers. That's not a bad thing, either, in my books.

Cuidado said...

The sixties style is easily picked out and is distinctive. I like it.