Sunday, April 06, 2008

Seasonal Changes

It is ten degrees (about fifty for the Americans) today and what a welcome change that is. The sun is shining brightly and if it wasn't for a northern breeze it would be even warmer. Bella, the fair weather cat, was the first out the door this morning followed by me, then Kenz.

I did a bit of gardening this afternoon but it exhausted me. I'm not quite sure how or why this is after surgery. Does healing take so much energy that a person is left spent very easily and quickly after normal chores? I'm trying not to push it but spring is here. I have gardening to do. The daffodils are a couple of inches high and will take off if it continues to warm....without my help.

I brought a chair onto the deck and sat a bit. It feels so good to have the sun on your face. Crows and ravens are building nests and fighting already over choice sticks and nesting places. The biggest raven in the neighbourhood was being scolded and harassed by three smaller fellows. I kept wondering just what it was that he had done.

This weather begs for today's musical selection. One of my favorite songs is Sam Cooke's, A Change is Going To Come. I have thirteen versions and there are many more out there. Of the six I had already uploaded, all are gone except for the one by Terence Trent D'Arby. Here's a couple more and I might as well start with the A's. This Al Green version is one of my favorites as Al is live, and in any live music I've heard of his, he always talks and sings to the audience. I'd love to see him on stage. I've been listening to Aretha all day so she's a perfect choice for the next version. God, what a voice!


Ralph said...

My gosh, if it's that warm and sunny you must be in shorts and sandals up there!

I think it's good yoiu're trying to do some things--the reason you got so spent was probably because your body's still healing, but also just because you've been inactive for so long. It doesn't take much time to get out of shape. Keep plugging--I kknow you will.

Cuidado said...

The north wind is cool. I just talked with my daughter who lives across the country and she talked with someone here a while ago and they are in shorts. More brave than I am.

That's exactly what my son said. I would think that fitness wouldn't disappear so quickly. What a drag. I'll be working hard to remedy that, I tell you.