Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Angling season opened yesterday. My son fished in the pond before light but got his line tangled up. He doesn't get to take many days off work but he took today off for the express purpose of fishing. He was somewhere half across the Island but sadly for me he didn't catch anything.

I've been a lucky recipient of a lot of fish over my life. I have a friend who loved to fish my pond but doesn't like eating fish so he brought his catch to me. My son and nephew both love to fish but don't eat it either so their Grampy and I got to take turns receiving their catch. My friend doesn't fish in the pond anymore. Once he had children he stopped. It was a way to get away for him and taking children along didn't fit. My neighbour kids fish there now. They have to lock their dog away though. They took him with them last year and he kept jumping in after the bobber.

I'm not crazy about fishing myself, as you have to sit still for awhile. I'd rather tramp around the pond looking to see what I can find which is what I'd do when the kids started fishing. I didn't like them to go by themselves so would be close by - just not sitting still.

Taj Mahal's Fishin' Blues is the first song that comes to mind for me and the Bing Crosby, Louis Armstrong classic, Gone Fishin', as well. I absolutely know I had the latter but can't seem to find it. Louis Jordan's Saturday Night Fish Fry is more fun anyway.


Dan said...

My father and I used to fish all the time - summer and winter - when we were in Newfoundland. I loved it. Only went fishing once after we moved to NB. It wasn't the same.

My cousins used to trout fish behind my great-uncle's place in Norborough, but we never went with them. My only experience fishing on PEI was one day of smelt fishing with my great-uncle. It was fun but it wasn't the same, either.

My children have never had the pleasure of trout fishing.

Cuidado said...

It was nice when they were old enough that they could go by themselves. I could see them out the window and hear them if they yelled. When we were kids, I hated to go as we were to be quiet and that was torture. My son and his friend have a smelt shack too so I get treated year round. Yeah!