Friday, April 18, 2008

Resting In the Rain

I am one sore puppy today. Intensive gardening may have been a mild term for what I did yesterday and I'm paying for it today. I went to bed at nine last night and it hurt to walk upstairs. It's a rainy day today so I didn't get out but tomorrow I'm going to get back at the gardens and hopefully some of this stiffness will have been worked out.

The photo is of some kind of a creeping thyme that I have a huge patch of. My friend took a big hunk of it yesterday and told me that it will grow up stone walls so I moved some to the wall edges of the garden and will do more tomorrow.

Blogger had a problem uploading images yesterday and seems to be having a problem again today. I find it strange that I normally don't specifically refer to the photo but did yesterday ( the Nodding Nellie) and today (the thyme) and the days that I have are those that there's a problem. It resolved yesterday and hopefully by the time the music is uploaded and linked everything will be working again.

I found another version Big Long Slidin' Thing and have been wanting to get it up. It is by Michelle Willson and the evil gal festival orchestra. They're still working on their own website at the moment so here's a link to a Sound Click feature on them with more music to sample . I am amazed that Dinah Washington's version was not removed from the pages so you have a chance to compare. I love music from this era where there is an understory and hidden meanings to the lyrics . It's still April - still jazz month. I'm glad to hear new female jazz vocalists like Michelle and here's another new one I've discovered - Lisa Ekdahl with My Heart Belongs To Daddy.


Ralph said...

Woo-hoo, Ms. Cuidado! I was all set to tell you how handsome a cat Kenz is (comment on photoblog) and other niceties, and then I heard this song about a big long slidin' thing. After that, all I can say is: happy hunting!

Cuidado said...

Ain't it great!

Ocean said...

ma, i am trying to call you but I am getting the answering machine right away. check if it is off the hook. love ya