Thursday, April 10, 2008

Round and Round

After four days of glorious sunshine we had light rain today but it seems as though the sun is trying to come out. My daughter just commented that it's snowing (or has snowed) in Calgary. We are supposed to get some on Sunday as well. It's all ok though because spring is here. Green grass is poking through the brown, the daffodils are growing an inch or more each day, and people are smiling. That's all the proof I need.

It's funny how one little music search can lead me round and round. On Kat's blog today she has a song sung by Elizabeth Mitchell called Winter's Come and Gone. I thought I knew the song from a long time ago but upon research found it was written by contemporary Gillian Welsh. I looked in my files thinking it was familiar because I had it but no, I do not. It's really bugging me because I was singing along with the chorus. I know that song!

Anyway, above her name I saw That Masquerade by George Benson. That brought back lots of memories. I really liked George Benson years ago and even extravagantly bought a boxed set of his music as a gift for another fan. The song is also a memory of the movie, All That Jazz, which I loved. I looked at the information on That Masquerade and found it was written by Leon Russell who I also am a big fan of. So today's music is about going round and round. Here's Leon doing a Bob Dylan cover, A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall and Bob Dylan doing a live cover of Leonard Cohen's Halleluja. Now if I could only find Leonard doing a George Benson cover......


Ralph said...

Benson and "Masquerade": a marriage made in heaven. I just LOVE that song!

Dylan and "Hallelujah": Proof that some marriages really weren't meant to be. I quickly out the poor song out of its misery.

Cuidado said...

I have to agree with you on both points, Ralph. I was sure I had Dylan doing Long Black Veil and that;s what I had planned to put up but did not have it after all.