Tuesday, January 13, 2009

For Da Birds

I visited a friend in my community today and we've come to the conclusion that we're feeding the same family of crows. She noticed the one with ruffled feathers so that basically identifies my crow family. With both of us the number in the family is the same, five, and one sits guard and calls the other four. I feel a lot better because I know now the birds are getting fed more than I've been giving them. I've just not had enough leftovers for a steady diet, only a supplement. She feeds them dog food and I thought that was a pretty good idea. I think the crows would love that. Another friend recommended chicken scratch.

I enjoy the crows so much and the cats do too. Kenz only 'cat chatters' for the crows, never the songbirds. The crows chatter with me and maybe some day I will understand their language too.

We're expecting a storm overnight and tomorrow morning. of course, I have a mammogram scheduled for tomorrow. They tell me the next appt. is in November. This is the one I rescheduled because of the trip to FL. It is amazing the lineups we have for these medical tests. I'll insist on getting in a bit earlier as this was first scheduled earlier.

Today's music is bird music, for the birds and for you. We can pretend can't we, that these are Black Doves, just so we can hear this nice folksy/rootsy song by Lewis and Clarke. Nina Nastasia tells the crow's story in the first line of Bird of Cuzco.

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