Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Short but Some Sunsets are Like That

The big storm that was predicted did not materialize. We were on the warm side of the front and had only rain. Thank goodness! I had the dreaded mammogram rescheduled for today and did not want to have to get worked in again. Best to get it over with and stop the daily dreading one goes through for this procedure. There was no problem at all to get into town so the dreaded procedure is over and done with. We are now expecting bitterly cold temps for a few days.

My son and his friend are building an ice fishing shack. Sonny went to town for the load of plywood last night but has business dinners three nights in a row so may not get back to the construction for a few days. He's going to take me fishing some day this winter. He owes me as I supplied a propane cookstove for heat last winter and they probably want it again this year. Ice fishing is quite fun. I'll take some photos of my time and hope to get some fish to boot.

I bought dog food for the crows today. I hope this is helpful to them, not harmful in any way. I will get some mixed bird seed for them too. I feed only black oil sunflower seeds to the other birds and the crow's beaks are too big to have to crack those for the small meats. I think they swallow them whole, actually.

Here are a couple of songs in honour of the mammogram that every woman must have to ensure a healthy body. Mash it Funky is from DJ BC and Every Little Bit Hurts from Alicia Keys.

Wood is a bit of a theme today as well so here's a couple of songs to fit. Here's Friday Morning's Regret with The Wooden Sky and Wood River by Canadian, Connie Kaldor will fit quite nicely. I've always loved this song, Wood River.


Ralph said...

!!!! I was really enjoying Wooden Sky when in the middle it was interrupted bya vidoe about Amy Winehouse's divorce, nerver to return. I tried Wood River and it didn't even get past 10 seconds before the same thing happened. Z-Share is acting up. I hope it didn't affect your original files.

Mavis said...

Someone had a different experience with one of the songs the other day too. I have no idea what happens.