Tuesday, January 20, 2009

January Jot

I'm feeling a bit lazy today. Normally the TV isn't turned on till Oprah but I watched the US Presidential Inauguration today, startin at 11 am. Laying back on the couch for a couple of hours is not fun for me unless I have to. Reminds me too much of last winter where it hurt to move for four months and to lay on the couch all day was all I could do. I did go for a walk this morning and it was lovely. Our weather is to be very nice all week with snow on Friday. I'll have groceries, my car's mechanical repairs done by then and my aunt safely ensconced so I will be happy it held off.

Still no call from the body shop about my replacement fender. I may have a nice new rental car to take my aunt to see my dad. I thought all the work would be done by now. It takes 24 hours to get mechanical parts. It's two weeks now for the fender.

I read in Kat's Blog today that it is Leadbelly's birthday. She has two of his well-known songs up and I'll add two more. Good Morning Blues has been done by so many but this early rendition is really fabulous. He does a bit of talking blues in the beginning and explains 'havin' the blues'. I use another version by Dutch Mason on CD's quite often. The next song has also been recorded by dozens and dozens of folks, this generation (my kids) being most familiar with Kurt Cobain's. It is known by two names, In The Pines or Where Did You Sleep Last Night. Both fabulous songs are still standing the tests of time.

Putfile is not letting me in again today. I aready have some of these songs stored there to no avail so will put them up again. If I can access the others at another time, I will add the links.


Kat said...

I love this picture. It is striking.

Cuidado said...

The ducks, Kat or the main photo (the snow)? Thank you, either way.

Kat said...

I think it's the combination. The snow is a perfect backdrop for those ducks.