Friday, January 02, 2009

White World

We had quite a storm. My escape route is pictured above. My back door was solidly blocked. My son shoveled the door open in the early hours and I shoveled paths today. I just got off the phone with my driveway clearer. He's on his way. I am usually done early in his route but he was called away this morning before he got to my driveway and never got back. There were very neat drifts all about and it was pretty out there but cold. Ha, I can hear that my snow-blowing guy is here now.

I just took a little break and watched him do his job. I have a difficult driveway to do and he is a pro. It's an amazing job to watch. Amused me, anyway.

I have a pot roast in the oven and the smell is overwhelming. I can tell it is going to be delicious already. When something smells this good there is no doubt. I don't even have veggies in it yet.

I got a heads up from Ralph today about an NPR story about Lila Downs, a singer he says I introduced to him. I have a couple cuts already off her new album and was glad to hear the interview. This is from the new album, Shake Away - Los Polla ( chicken or the chicken, in English). There are quite a few English songs on this album, more than usual. Here's one from the new album, for example, Minimum Wage. I must say I prefer her latin music though I like Little Man from the new album a lot! I've led you to her website many times so here's her mySpace page. Hope she's enjoying better weather than I am.

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