Wednesday, January 07, 2009

More Colour For Kat ....and Me

I've been trying since I started today to get a photo up. Blogger's having a little indigestion and will be back to health soon, I'm sure.

I've tried to jam too many things into this day. I did errands and had a bunch of things happening at home too. My errand run to the nearest town had seven stops. Each one was necessary and took driving and waiting time. Yesterday I had only three but had a visit to a friend and felt less rushed. Today, I felt rushed.

Tomorrow, I have a friend taking me to lunch in Charlottetown and have an hour and a half while she keeps an appointment to finish up my 'to do' list. I've only been in town once since I've been home from Florida and that day started with the car getting smashed in the parking lot of my first errand.

In a rush is not a good way to pick music when you sucked once already this week and picked randomly. I wouldn't dare do it again so give me a minute.

I was reading and researching someone I listened to extensively since the 60's or early 70's. Until I did the research, I for some unremembered reason, for the last 38 years, have thought she was Canadian. Today I read she was from NYC; Astoria, Queens more specifically.

I saw her in Toronto in August '71 and I was wearing a fur coat. I was very, very ill with rheumatic fever and was freezing in fever for a couple weeks before I went to a doctor. I remember people staring at me thinking I was tripping on acid because people were freaky in those days. I was just sick, freezing and needed the coat. I wasn't going to miss Melanie. I saw a lot of great concerts in Toronto and Boston in those days, living in both places. Anyway, Melanie (different link) is a wonderful singer, songwriter and performer. Check her out. Here are two to start you on your way. Ruby Tuesday and and I'm Not In Love Anymore. I had all of Melanie's albums until I left them all at a friend's in Port Perry, Ontario. One of many times I gave my albums away.


Kat said...

The colors make me want to close my eyes then click my heels three times and say I wish it were spring.

If only....

Cuidado said...

I wish I could grant such magic because I would certainly do it, Kat.