Monday, January 05, 2009

The Real New Year

My, my, it's hard to get here in time. This is the time I prefer to blog but it's also time for friends to drop in and/or phone. Late afternoon and time slips away. I had extensive dinner prep (everything is now simmering) and I'm just getting here: 5:42. Late again.

I just got back from a phone call from my Dad. It's 5:58. I had to break the news that the trip to see him has been postponed until my car is fixed. I hadn't told him about my 'run-in'.

I received my new camera today but have had only time to glance through the book and take a couple of test shots. No memory card came with it so in only moments I ran out of room on the spare 16 MB card that I had, only 5 photos. The test photo above was taken through a dirty window - not bad , eh?

I took an elderly friend for a drive today but only after I invited him and he walked a great distance on a cane to get out to my car, did I remember that my passenger door would not open. All hilarity ensued when we got him into the car through the driver's door and then back out the same way. He is 93 and pretty stiff. We laughed until we had tears with the two of us working so hard to bend him enough to get in and out. It was all worth it as we had a great time on our drive and a few stories to tell after the event. I had told the staff I was kidnapping him for an hour. We joked that they didn't know how true it was as I had him held without a way to get free and could do whatever I wanted to him. He was my hostage.

Music: I haven't even thought about it and it is late. I have to get back to cooking dinner. I'm going to choose some random things, random- not having anythging to do with this post and already in the library. Random 1. Random 2. Surprise. Hand picked(random) music today, mind picked tomorrow.


Ocean said...

hey i just wrote you an email but just incase you didn't get it can you call me at 9am your time? I can't find my alarm clock so I am going to just set the one on my ipod. Please and thank you
love you

Carol Tiffin James said...

LOL, I had a car door incident the other day. On my way to work (in the cold, dark, frozen early morning), I drove by a mailbox at the post office to mail a card and discovered my driver's window was frozen shut. So I had to open the entire door enough to get my hand out to shove the card in - and the top corner of the door got stuck inside the mailbox slot. I sat there for a good 2-3 minutes pulling before it finally came unstuck - wondering how Ed would take a phone call to get out of bed, get dressed, and drive 15 miles to come help me.