Thursday, January 15, 2009

One Way to Warm Up

Had a quiet day at home today. There is a cold wave in place so staying close to home is a good plan in my books. I went outside for a walk and down to the pond to watch ice freeze. I actually got there a bit late as it had already frozen over. When I looked at it in the morning and made the plan to go outdoors in a while to get a couple of photos, I didn't know it would happen so fast. All of the dark portion of the pond in the above photo was still water this morning. It was nice to be outside because I was dressed for the conditions.

I got a double workout today as I also did eighty minutes of dance in the morning (while the pond was freezing). It was a great way to warm up and has had me bopping all day, singing in my head. I made a CD a couple of months ago that I called Swirling and Twirling. It opens with the Alabama3 (A3) song, Woke Up This Morning, made so famous as the theme for the HBO series, The Soprano's. It's an awesome song to start a workout. Francis Dunnery and his live, American Life in the Summertime, is one of the songs on it that can really get you moving. Check out what I mean.

Ralph had an issue with a commercial showing up when he played one of yesterday's songs. It also happened last week to someone on Shutterchance. I played the same song as Ralph last night and all was fine. I played a few today and one ad came on in the middle of the song. zShare does say that the service is ad driven and it seems that an ad cuts in sometimes. There was an easy way to exit the ad by clicking an X on the top right hand side of the page. The song immediately restarted. Just thought I'd let you know.


Anonymous said...

I went out at 9:30 am and got in at 11:45. It was nice with no wind.
I used the scoop for 2 hours and worked up a good lather.
It was only -17 when I went out and -10 when I come back in.
I think I'll hit the snowshoes tomorrow. You should bring yours over when you and aunt J make your trip..

Anonymous said...

I made 2 more ice candles.
Started last night with small layers. This morning I put on the second layers. With in a few minutes you could see it starting to freeze. A couple of hours later I put on the third and final layer.
I am leaving them over night and am going to start 2 new ones tomorrow.
Thanks for telling me about them.
Love you

Cuidado said...

Hey Alf, I do plan on bringing the snow shoes. I'll bring some for Aunt J too.

Cuidado said...

Perfect weather for making them, Cath. If only the wind would stop blowing them out! See you soon!