Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Changes At Any Age

I finally changed the photos here to something new so now instead of stained glass, cedar waxwings or foxes, you get baby lambs for a few days at least. There is nothing as cute as a baby lamb. The above pure white lambs are triplets. There is a set of twins as well and they are spotted with brown.

I used a hair product (mousse) and a curling iron today for the first time in my life. It was not easy nor did the effects last. There was a bit of a wave after the attempt but an hour or two later, there is no sign of it.

When I was a kid my mother put home perms in my hair and had to leave them in longer than the directions because my hair would not curl. The smell and burning were terrible and this was forced upon me to make me like every one else. I think I made the decision way back then to not put chemicals and dyes in my hair. I did do a few perms in the late seventies but have never dyed my hair.

My window is finished now, cleaned and polished with a protective finish. As soon as someone comes by to hold it, I can get a photo. My son has been off in Boston since Friday and returns tonight so by tomorrow, if he gets home before dark, I will have a shot.

I've got a song for the new hair education. Bob Dylan and Mavis Staples do a fabulous talk and song with I'm Gonna Change My Way of Thinkin'. Something lovely too that fits in is I Taught Myself How To Grow by Ryan Adams.


Carol Tiffin James said...

I love your craft pictures, and I love even more your nature pictures - mainly because I am so envious. How on earth do you manage to get such detailed, impressive photographs? If I see an owl or deer, by the time I get my sliding door open and fetch my camera, the animal is long gone. I look forward to seeing your "critters."

Cuidado said...

That is exactly what is happening with 3 raccoons that come at night. When I open the door they scoot. The foxes are quite tame and I've stood on the deck beside them. Someone must be feeding them at their door to make them so tame. Thanks, Carol.

By the way, someonw found my blog by googling your name.

Ralph said...

Freudian slip! You said that was "Mavis Davis" singing with Dylan. Couldn't wait to find out who this mystery person was. It was only when she started singing I figured out it was Mavis Staples!

Fun song!

Cuidado said...

That is so funny, Ralph. Mavis Davis is one of my pseudonyms. I wish it was me singing with Bob Dylan. LOL

splendid said...

i love the lamb pictures
i feel your pain with the hair thing, i have always been a wash and go girl ~ i have three daughters and have spent countless hours fixing their hair for dances and parties... curling and shlacking the hair with spray is the way i do it, but that doesn't work for everyday, i have always like foam curlers at night for a truly curly head the next day.

Cuidado said...

Splendid, A friend told me about electric rollers. I may have to make an investment. Yesterday was mousse day. I may try hairspray too.

The lambs are very sweet. There arc children at the farm so the lambs have been well handled and are not fearful. The triplets were even taken room to room in a nursing home.