Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Springtime Snowstorm

Today, look at these daffodils from my garden from another year. I will show you some fresh ones later this spring too. Why? Because tomorrow I will show you photos of snow drifts that are the result of today's storm. We have had a raging blizzard all day. I took a few shots from a window but will wait till it's over to show the result of the whole day's wind. It has been wicked and you are going to be amazed at the huge drifts, as I am looking at them out the windows. I must say, It's a bit depressing.

I'm doing lots of chores in my relaxation/vacation mode. I am deleting photo files, making CD's, thinking about other chores that have to be done... It's a process, you know. The experiments with my hair continue and I realize I'm a bit more inept at it than I thought. Good thing I have elastics, barrettes, ties, scarves and other items to do something else when my experiment fails.

The lovely Sarah Vaughan has some perfect sentiments for today's weather. First, Snowbound and then, Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year about says it for the conditions throughout the Maritimes today.

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