Thursday, March 26, 2009

Chores of Spring

I've seen enough snow for the day so we are seeing a shot of my garden on May 12, 2006. I love that digital cameras record the time and date. It makes comparing times from year to year easy. I was looking at last year's photos at this time when my sister was here caring for me after surgery. We had about the same amount of snow in some places but less in others. The last one is my garden and in yesterday's you can barely see the rocks and tree.

My son got his great big heavy truck stuck this morning and after trying to get out slid over the bank backwards. Luckily he was stopped by a big tree. A tractor and I got him out this afternoon. It was stressful but it all worked out. I'm not comfortable with anything with a motor but he could not leave work.

It was lovely and warm today so I was out shoveling too. With the warmth, there is moisture and with moisture, the snow is very heavy. It was perfect snowman snow and tiring to shovel. Dan Auerbach has the perfect song for the occasion with Trouble Weighs a Ton. Another well covered song that would fit is The Weight. I like this version by Deana Carter. Check out the link. You can play her newest album and there are some good old songs on it.


Anonymous said...

It was +17 here this afternoon, what a nice day.
I walked up past Hilda and DeDes camp and with just a denim shirt on I worked up a good sweat.. Got to love a day like this..

Nan said...

sounds like it worked out, but it certainly does sound stressful. Whew.

Cuidado said...

Wow, Alf, that's amazing. To be so close and that much difference.

Cuidado said...

Oh yes, Nan, it was stressful. The part I like least about winter is driving and I have the driveway from Hell.