Saturday, March 21, 2009

Winter Beach

This is my local beach today, the first full day of spring. I drove past the dogs and walked the rest of the way. There is still a lot of melting to do. We have had constant sun and lots of wind for over a week but it has been cold. The blue colour in the background is ice, not water, in case it is in question. We had quite a bit of melting already so if it warms up, spring will feel more like spring. It sometimes feels like the Maritimes never experiences spring, going from winter to summer in a short period. People from the rest of Canada remark on that when they spend their winters here.

We've had cold blue skies but we need warm rain. Lets get right to that with the music. Jenn Grant is from Prince Edward Island and has Blue Skies and Rainy Day to explain it all. Being here myself, I just ask for some warm rain.

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