Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mission Accomplished

I have no photo of the glass work for you but the piece is finished. I have to clean it and have someone hold it up so that I can take a photo. Due to schedules the client won't see it tell next weekend. It will be decided then, where exactly in the restaurant it will go.

I'm not that pleased with it in that the lines look like an amateur did the piece and I suppose that is basically true given my absence from the field. I need more practice. I did two very large windows in tandem a couple of years ago and the second was much better. I did enjoy the experience though and the studio got a good cleaning.

Sister in law was away for an enjoyable 's vacation week so I have someone to visit regularly again. I missed her terribly. No world problems got solved this week in her absence and they certainly weren't as heavily discussed.

With my mission accomplished, I have Mission Accomplished by Todd Snider to celebrate. He has a few celebratory songs actually, Beer Run and Enjoy Yourself. I really like his songs. Why not one more. The window design features two capes and beaches and Todd has a song called Ballad of Cape Henry. Close enough for me. I really love the duet but don't know who is singing with Todd.

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