Sunday, March 08, 2009

A Journey Nonetheless

Continuing with the documentation of the window process that I'm on I will ask you for a favor. If I can figure out how to make a poll, it would be swell to ask you a question at the end. For some reason the photo above is presenting vertically even though my file is horizontal.

I marked pattern pieces onto glass today on large sheets of glass. I cut the large sheets into smaller pieces. It took longer than it did in the past just because I have to ensure that I've done everything correctly in terms of the geometry of possibility for cutting, economical usage of glass, artistic integrity, and all those other things that were on automatic at one time.

I had to think harder and check and recheck things. I had to make an oil blend for the cutter and get the cutting table cleaned off. The aim of these old cutting hands veered off a couple of times but I think that's because I'm shorter. Some of these pieces of glass are big! The photo above is of all the glass I have to cut tomorrow, not much compared to what it looked like earlier.

Now about the sun. I have red iridescent glass that could be used for the sun. It would change the piece from realism to something else. I think the sun would stand out and at night it would be completely visible and apparent inside the room. The glass above is the red iridescent and the photo below is the sky colour. The poll is on the sidebar.

Is there still room for music? Any requests out there? Here are some possibilities. George Jackson has Aretha, Gillian Welsh with Elvis Presley Blues. Even Ry Cooder has a request with Johnny Cash.


Nan said...

I love it that you added a poll to your blog! I vote yes on the irridescent sun! As for music request, Gillian Welch sounds good to me.

Cuidado said...

I will play some tomorrow, Nan. Thanks for voting.

Kat said...

I vote with Nan!

Cuidado said...

My clients are on their way here. I will let them decide in the end.

Ralph said...

Kat and Nan and I agree! Hope the clients want it, too!

Cuidado said...

Actually, Ralph. My clients just left and have chosen a purple with cloud over the sun effect. I agree with them. The red is too vivid for the sky.