Saturday, March 07, 2009

Into It

I am going through quite an interesting process. When I was a full time glass artist, I knew in my head how much of a certain colour of glass I had, where it was stored and there was certainly no dust on it.

At this time, I have no idea what glass I have, let alone how many square feet I have of it in stock. It is a search through all my bins and I'm employing a wet chamois to get rid of the dust. My eyes have been itching all day because of it too. The result is a day to get the glass I wanted for this piece picked out. It normally would have taken an hour or so. I did entertain an unexpected friend who came to visit during the process.

Tomorrow I will copy the lines onto the glass and begin cutting. The photo above though it looks like a woman's leg will be a piece of land in the distance. It is kind of fun to have this project after three years off. It forced me to clean my studio which in itself has made this a worthwhile endeavour. Plus "I Can" which is what I feel like shouting after being laid up last year.

Yesterday, I featured Southside Johnny and The Asbury Jukes but in my hurry did not link them. That is the point here; to turn you onto some music, introduce you and hope you too will buy something from this artist. With my long time friend arriving for the first visit in a long time and and choosing glass after a long time they have the perfect song, It's Been a Long Time. Andrew Ripp gives us the other song for today with It's All Good because that is just how I feel. It's still a challenge.


Gwen Buchanan said...

This must be pretty exciting and fresh feeling, getting your place set up and ready to go... I often wondered how glass workers cut glass with such precision and didn't waste the rest of it... this will be interesting!!

Cuidado said...

Hi Gwen. It is exciting to do this again. I am a 'waste not' glass cutter. It is such an expensive medium that you learn to place your pieces close together. There is a 'nap' or direction to consider and that wastes glass but is essential to the design. For example, all of the streaks in a sky have to meet and go the same direction. i love the cutting process best of all.