Tuesday, March 10, 2009

For Kate Poole

I've been a bit busy and yesterday did not end my day in time to post. There are so many things going on. The window project is just one aspect of my tiny country life. I have friends going through horrible times. I'm there with them only through phone calls and greeting cards. I'm heartsick about it. Too many middle aged people are going through serious medical issues. I know cancer strikes at any age but it is too frequent in our environment. One of my friends who is very ill is a life long artist who railed against pesticides and is an environmentalist.

Today's post is for her. She is also a glass artist and we have collaborated on pieces when we were both active in the glass community. She is also a singer/songwriter who has written some songs that when played in any audience has the room standing at the end. One of those songs is entitled Big Woman Love. I know Kate's favorite music and will play it today. I also am making a CD for healing that I'm sending for when she gets out of hospital.

Glass: Yesterday I cut glass most of the day. It is my favorite part of the entire process. I felt so moved at one point that I stopped, sat down and wrote a poem. No, You'll never see that poem. I had a successful time of it, having only two pieces slated for re-cut. I had my client over for some final colour choices. I like to do that when possible. They are the people who are eventually going to live with this and also are paying me. I'm easy.

Today I ground, or grinded each piece of galss to fit perfectly with the next, like a jigsaw puzzle. It is my least favorite aspect of the process. It went well too, though I'm not 100 percent finished. I want to double check everything so will build my jig before beginning the foiling process.

A window has to fit into the space provided. It can't at the last minute not fit. Glass panels can grow. This is what I checked the measurements so carefully a few weeks ago. I am being extra careful so am finished for the day and will start with fresh eyes tomorrow.

Kate loves John Prine's, Angel From Montgomery and if there is a party and a guitar, she usually sings it. She can also sing Nanci Griffith songs like no one else but Nanci Griffith. I've had the pleasure of travelling with Kate a few times. Once on our way to a glass conference in Halifax she sang Nanci Griffith songs and noticeably made the trip shorter and more pleasant. Here's Nanci with Across the Great Divide.

I'm with you, Kate.


Ralph said...

A lot in this post, Cuidado. I'm so sorry for your friends and about how this is at what is such a productive time for you. And your progress reports on the project are fascinating. Thanks.

Cuidado said...

Ralph, I'm quite sad as there is nothing I can do for these friends. Middle age has it's downfalls and illness is chief among them.