Friday, March 06, 2009

It's a Mistake to Sing Sometimes.

This is amazing. By looking at which drawing photo I was going to put up, I saw the design in a different way. I am going to make a change after seeing it like this. This has turned out to be a very positive exercise. I'm much further along than this and planned to show a photo of the design and it's working copy. I may show it tomorrow.

Two of my sisters in law just left from a great visit. I am no longer married to their partner's brother but we all remain friends. I see one almost every day. It was great fun to have two of them here today.

Yesterday the sister in law who comes often was here. I was standing by my back door and said, "Mr. Fox is here."

She said, "I know I can see him."

I knew that from where she was sitting she could not in any way see the fox I was seeing. Turned out we had two foxes here at the same time. A pair, I'd say, as we've had pairs here several times. I now yearn to get a photo of the two of them in the same frame. One of the two tends to sit back watching the territory as one eats. I've observed that about foxes other times in the past. Foxes are having their babies about now so the mother is hungry.

The first song I thought of for this post was Mieka Pauley with her song All The Same Mistakes. I don't construct many windows anymore and it's almost as though there is a bit of a learning curve involved. These steps and processes that were at one time second nature require some time as noted in the first paragraph. I'm a bit rusty.

I ran out of music for a bit today while I was working. Couldn't leave to change the CD. I started singing and I told you before that I do this in private only. I can't sing at all any more so some pretty awful sounds come out while I'm bellowing. I am always surprised at just how bad I am. Teddy Thompaon has the perfect song for that, Can't Sing Straight.

Last week I said that I thought I had another copy of I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry. I finally found it. I believe I work too hard for this blog sometimes. Here it is from Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes.

It's Friday. I'm finishing up the week. Just now I'm listening to a song that fits perfectly with the singing theme. It's from a music blog I check into a couple of times a week, The Late Greats.


Ralph said...

Thanks for the Teddy Thompson! I've stopped posting him because the mp3 police took it down. Maybe you'll be luckier. Love that whole album.

Cuidado said...

Ouch. I didn't know that, Ralph. Hope I don't get into trouble.