Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Sensibilities

To me, this photo is amazing because it shows the capabilities of my new camera. These spots of land in the distance are several kilometers away and the camera gave great detail handheld, without a tripod. I love my new camera. Thanks, O and J.

It was six degrees today and wonderful especially when the forecast was a high of two. This is where PEI suffers. It is always cooler here in spring than on the mainland after a winter when we are iced in. The ice is not thick, is breaking upn and we will soon be warm. That is what I'm telling myself anyway.

I have beef stew cooking that smells really divine. I thought a friend was coming to play Scrabble and dinner but she didn't show up. I didn't take a walk but sat out on the deck and it was really great. Spring has sprung.

I have a good old song. Two versions, The Skiffle Sessions and Jimmie Rodgers. Here's Frankie and Johnny, from 1904, which I found out from the linked Wiki article. Amazingly there are at least 256 recordings of it.

Update: I can't believe I used the same photo two days in a row. I guess you believe me when I say I liked it. Here's another photo of a later spring:

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