Thursday, March 12, 2009

Springing Along

I've been watching a flock of Cedar Waxwings all day. They are a sure sign of spring. They come in winter too so the last statement may not mean anything at all. They've been here off and on all day and have only visited under one tree so I'm sure to see this flock for awhile yet. This photo is from the morning but I got more just a few minutes ago. I'll see them tomorrow.

I'm back with more photos and another step and a half completed on the stained glass window I am constructing for a restaurant. I foiled today which means that I applied 3/16 inch copper foil to each cut out and ground piece of glass. The next step, rubbing the foil on very securely, or burnishing, can be done in front of the TV.

The last photo shows the tray I burnished while watching Oprah. I stuck a few finished pieces onto the pattern to show what I'll do tomorrow morning when getting ready to solder. My kids liked helping with this part when they were small. It is like playing with a jigsaw puzzle.

I'm still working on CD's. Here are a couple more songs included in a different one from yesterday's. Are You Alright is by Lucinda Williams and Where True Love Grows is by Cat Stevens. I have more interesting songs on the CD's but have to choose ones for here that have not been here before. Not always an easy job.


Ralph said...

Teh glass is exciting to watch and the Cat Stevens is beautiful. It's the first of his "new" (Yusuf) material I've heard, and it reminded me of how much I lied and nos miss "Foreigner Suite." I'll have to do soemthing about that.

Ocean said...

i used to love smoothing out the copper.
I will call you in the morn. Love you

Cuidado said...

Hi Ralph, Cat's voice is so original and recognizable. I like it a lot. Also, I'm glad the glass is exciting. I'm so happy to hear something exciting is happening on this space.

Cuidado said...

Well, hon, I talked to you before I saw the comment. You were a great help over the years, smoothing all that copper.