Monday, March 30, 2009

Goodnite from Istanbul

I know, I'm an ass for not showing up the last couple of days with no explanation or warning. I said I was on break and not posting turned out to be part of that. I've been on vacation and doing vacation things. The weather was really warm and beautiful for two days and I took advantage of the gift. I was only inside long enough to sleep. On Saturday I walked for hours in the countryside. This is not easy as it is mud season and walking can be a sticky situation.

After two days of wonderful weather we are having another Maritime-wide spring snowstorm. We are to get ten centimeters and I'd say that much has fallen already. I have an appointment in town tomorrow so hope it is over and I won't have to cancel. I won't be posting tomorrow because of the appointment. If I could have someone cook for me this mini vacation would be complete and awesome.

I've been making CD's all day and that is my plan for the first part of the week. I'll go until I'm done though so that timeline may change. I have at least four and possibly five more to do. I can usually only do three a day.

Some of the songs that are featured on the last of the three I made today are my two song choices for this post. Goodnite by Melody Gardot ends this one I made for my aunt and uncle. They're jazz lovers. I also have Istanbul by Paris Combo. I'm not sure if they will like this one but I like it a lot. Here's the Wiki article on Melody Gardot. The first link is to her own websitw which is not complete. The Wiki article is very interesting.


nan said...

We all need a day off or two now and then. I'm glad you enjoyed the nice weather while it lasted. We had a lovely Saturday, and then a rainy Sunday that turned into a snowy Monday. Ah, this time of year. What a cute little donkey!

Cuidado said...

We are in day two of a snowstorm. This is not fair!

Ralph said...

And for us rain starts up again tomorrowo so my outdoor stuff has to happen today, while it's sunny and relatively warm.

Love that French jazz "Istanbul." Inspired me for my post this morning! (Cuidado, you'll get a kick out of, I'm sure!)

Gwen Buchanan said...

Your little chickadee is adorable .. and is this your very own donkey? great shots both!!!

Cuidado said...

Ralph, I love that song too and can't wait to hear your selection. I would like to now but am too busy. I visit you in the afternoons anyway.

Cuidado said...

Hi Gwen, The donkey is not mine but I get to photograph him quite often. The chickadees are regularly here at the feeders though.