Thursday, September 20, 2007

Life's Surprises

I can't believe a repeat of the same tragedy that has recently occurred with two people I've told you about has happened once again. First was my very close friend who had an embolism the day after her surgery that nearly killed her. Then I told you about the seventeen year old girl in my community who died of an embolism one week after surgery. This time it is my sister-in-law in New Brunswick who has had a massive stroke at 57 after having had surgery on the 20th, nearly a month ago. Then, this morning I read this in a music blog that I regularly read. What is going on? When it happened to both my friend and the young girl, I heard a ton of horror stories about just that event occurring. It seems that everyone knows someone who has had a stroke or heart attack from an embolism after surgery. This is too much!!!!

My sister-in-law has gone blind with her stroke. I don't know if it's common, if sight can return or anything, really. She is completely paralyzed on one side, can not really talk and is very confused. I spoke to my niece and she doesn't have many answers, only questions. There is only she and her brother for her mom as my brother, their dad, passed away from leukemia when they were very young children. The kids are in their early twenties living their lives in separate parts of the province, not that near to their mom but she is in the hospital of the city where my niece lives. That's good, for now. This is such a tragedy.

I'm off out of province for a few days. If I hang out at my brother's, I'll post with one of his incredible photos or if I'm at my sister's I'll do the same and some of their music. With this tragedy happening Time After Time, that's what I have for music today - by Cyndi Lauper. Also, I'm Not Afraid to Die by Gillian Welsh.

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Carol Tiffin James said...

So sorry to hear about your losses. My cousin, who died in his sleep at 49 last month, either had a heart attack or stroke or DVT clot go to his lungs or brain...I agree that for some reason lately, it seems like people I care about are dying too young.