Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I'm having the best day! It's my first day home all day in a long time. Each of my days off have been filled with something somewhere. But not today. I've even enjoyed laundry and cleaning just because I'm doing it here. Cleaning and sorting are what I've done most of the day. Yesterday was a town day so there were things to put away and follow through. I've done things I kept putting off, you know.....until I have a minute. Very productive and nice.

I received a bunch of old family photo .jpgs the other day. Most weren't of my immediate family but relatives. There was one of my mother, however, and that is today's photo. She is wearing pants which my mom's cousin, Shirley, told me was very unusual for their lifestyle then. She is with her cousin, Arthur in the photo.

My mom's cousin, Shirley, and I have always kept an e-mail and phone relationship though she lives in Florida and I've seen her only once in twenty-five years. She has always told me stories of the past about her, my mom and other relatives. I have an aunt in Ontario who I have a similar relationship with, though I see her once a year or so. She also tells me stories. About a year ago I told them both that they should be talking to each other because they tell me some of the same stories. Well they got in touch and have been having at least weekly conversations for almost a year and are really enjoying the chance to rehash the old events.

I've got a bit of new music that I've been listening to and am really enjoying. I still don't have a 'real' stereo since the night of my party/thunderstorm. Just an old boombox and the computer. The music I'm enjoying the most is some new Brandi Carlile. I've sung her praises before and will do it again. Brandi Carlile is a fabulous talent. Her voice is what draws me but her songwriting keeps me enthralled. Her songs are dynamite. They are stories and here's one I had up already, The Story. Some new ones today are Turpentine and What Can I Say. Just listen to those stories.


Ocean said...

Now that I started working again I want a day off! I was going crazy without a job though.

Cuidado said...

Glad to have your bro visiting though, I bet. I guess you have to wait for the weekend for the day off.

Anonymous said...

you should send me some or all of your pictures you have . a few a day or so would be good.


Anonymous said...

Alma looks so pretty in that picture. It's funny, you would see women today wearing outfits just like that.