Sunday, September 16, 2007

Music to Live By

The kids were driving around a golf course on a golf cart when I talked to them last night. They are staying with a friend from here who is a golf pro in Jasper. He had to work so they were hanging out with him. When I call tonight they will be on the road back to Calgary. They had a great time with the Chuckies and Girlie even got to work on time.

I've been making cd's this morning. One has the theme of Higher Ground and one has the theme of Workin' For a Living. Soul of a Man by Ollabelle is on the first. I thought I had it up already but apparently not. I like Ollabelle a lot and don't feature them enough. Since I've provided a link, check them out. You can play their music while on the site. Fisherman's Blues by The Waterboys is a song from the Workin' For a Living cd. I like their sound and have provided a link to them too.

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