Saturday, September 15, 2007

Together Again

The kids are off to Jasper for the weekend. I'll call tonight when I get home from work and get all the buzz about their night hanging out with their close friends, The Chucky Danger Band. They are happy to just be together but with the band in town they were expecting to have some serious fun the last I talked to them. It will be nice this weekend for them to sightsee and have more fun before Son leaves on the next leg of his vacation.

We've had a really beautiful week weather-wise and later today we're getting some rain so it's cloudy today. We certainly can't complain. September can be yucky but this year so far wonderful - warm days and cool nights though very windy.

I can't believe I've never put up Chucky Danger before (they dropped Band from their name recently). Two of the boys have been my daughter's boyfriend and another was my son's best friend all through high school. My nephew was their sound guy but is not on the road anymore, but doing sound in one place.

Robbie promised me one of their new cd's but since I had to cancel my plans for their last two PEI performances, I didn't get one so will share songs from their 2006 album, Colour. Here's Beautiful One and, keeping with beauty, Beautiful Mistake. If Robbie ever comes round I'll post something from the new album. Since none of the kids are here anymore, I rarely get visits from the young'ns.


Ocean said...

I will get you a cd!!

Anonymous said...

J: Get some damn sun!