Sunday, September 30, 2007


It's the last day of September and if you're with it at all, tomorrow is the first day of October. The colour changing of the leaves is again late this year so this will be a fantastic month for hiking. I'm going to my favorite spot tomorrow. I won't have to worry about moose or bear, just blisters. All the hiking I did when I was away was leisurely, not at all endorphen releasing and I need a good dose.

My son who was on vacation brought me a dvd from my other son of photos of his kids. I watched it when I came home from work last night. These kids are seriously cute. It made me want to see them so bad. I always wanted to be the baby-sit-on-Saturday-night kind of grandma but alas, when they're a thousand miles away..... The photo is from a while ago from my files, not really current.

Music is to celebrate the change in the calendar. September Song by Nat King Cole is for the month leaving us and Rosie Thomas is welcoming us to the new month with October.


Ocean said...

Mom, someday when I have kids you can babysit all the time!!!! I will live with you if you want. Miss you soooo much! You should put up some new pictures of the kids.

Cuidado said...

Ha ha ha!!! That's very funny, darling. Live with me....ha ha ha!