Thursday, September 13, 2007

Windy Weather Woes

I should be mowing but I'm taking the Mexican attitude......manana. I'd rather listen to music and read blogs. I'm going to town in a bit and that will be enough adventure for the day.

We had a wicked windstorm last night. I'm used to windiness blowing lawn chairs around the deck but last night's wind blew them off the deck. I came home at almost ten and had take a sail down. I couldn't untie the knots so cut the ropes. One corner was on a hook and it had blown off and the sail was rolled up into a tight tube between the two ends that were still attached. You can imagine the apples on the ground. With a dozen or so trees, mowing is something else altogether when you have to pick up apples first. Its windy today but not like last night. I'd say it was close to hurricane strength.

Wouldn't you love to hear some Johnny Cash? It so happens I have him singing a couple of songs written by Canadians. One is even about the wind. Four Strong Winds, written by Ian Tyson, would be that song. I had it up previously but it has disappeared. This was recorded near the end of Johnny's life when his voice was a bit shaky. I love it anyway and think it deserves another listen. Bird On A Wire is written by Leonard Cohen and sung beautifully by Johnny. You wouldn't have wanted to be a bird on a wire last night on PEI!


Ocean said...

I miss ya!!!

Cuidado said...

I'll call you later. Just called J. He's having lunch with your roommate.